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PCCY’s Health Heroes for 2021

On Thursday, May 6th, PCCY will celebrate our four decades of successes including: guaranteeing health care coverage for every child, expanding the availability of affordable, high quality Pre-K, advocating for better public schools, boosting access to out of school activities for kids and funding hands-on arts programming in our schools through our Picasso Project.

As part of our celebration, we will also recognize the extraordinary group of individuals below, our 2021 Health Heroes, who dedicate their time and talents to serving children and families in our region.

Join us at our event to support them and the continuing programs and initiatives at PCCY by purchasing a ticket or making a donation in their honor.

Karisa Barlow

Dr. Jay Goldsleger

Tawanna Jones Morrisson

Katie Kenyon

Rachel Loeper


Mary Nixon

Maripat Pileggi

Lindsay Waqar