Meet a family with much to be thankful for. Nov 25, 2020



“PCCY was lifesaver,” said Nicole.  “I was so overwhelmed with the kids’ schooling, my health, and the survival of our family business.”

Nicole, a stage 4 cancer survivor still undergoing treatment, learned in January that her youngest son’s Medicaid coverage was cancelled because of an administrative error. Fourteen-year-old Julian—Jules to his family and friends—has ADHD and learning disabilities and was covered by Medicaid because of his special needs.  For months, though, her appeals were denied.

Circumstances intensified when Nicole ended up in the hospital for several days, schools shut down because of COVID, and Jules and his older brother started virutal learning. With Jules’ Medicaid problem still unresolved, Nicole was at her wit’s end.

She and her husband, Frank, a carpenter, could barely make their $900 monthly premiums so adding Jules to their plan was impossible, especially because of his extra health care needs. Nicole grew increasingly worried that he was not getting the care he needs.

Jules’ school social worker referred Nicole to PCCY’s Child HealthWatch HelpLine, our free service that connects children and families with no-cost insurance.  Anjanette Perry, the HelpLine Coordinator, was just what Nicole needed.  “From the first time I talked to Anjanette, I felt that there was hope that this heavy weight was going to be lifted and my son would be ok,” said Nicole.  

Anjanette’s experience enabled her to get the state to reverse its position and Jules got the coverage he needs within 30 days.

Nicole added, “Despite the challenges 2020 has sent our way, I am grateful to Anjanette and PCCY for helping my family when we had nowhere else to turn. We are very thankful this Thanksgiving.” 

Mark your calendars for Giving Tuesday on December 1st to remind yourself to donate to PCCY!

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