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How to Get Involved

“This is the grant that keeps on giving” – Picasso Project Principal

The Picasso Project is supported by generous individuals, corporations and foundations that give their time and money to support arts programs for Philadelphia youth. A review of previous grant recipients finds that more than three-quarters of schools garner more arts resources as a result of the Picasso Project.

Ways you can get involved:


95% of students increase interest in the arts through involvement in the Picasso Project.

  • Students from Stanton Elementary and Swenson High School for Arts and Technology won scholarships to University of the Arts and Moore College of Arts summer programs after Picasso Project involvement.
  • Hostos School’s administration bought a complete piano lab for its new school Pantoja based on the success of the keyboard lab Picasso Project sponsored.
  • Mifflin School’s project spurred the creation of Friends of Mifflin School, which raised over $5,000 for the school.

Click here to donate to the Picasso Project.


Get involved as an arts advocate, to help assure that students in Philadelphia’s public schools have equitable access to arts education. Click here to view our Arts Education Advocacy Guide.

Educational Improvement Tax Credits

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania offers Educational Improvement Tax Credits (EITC) to businesses that make donations to approved educational improvement organizations. Under EITC, businesses that donate to qualifying non-profits can receive a 75 to 90% credit to offset state tax liabilities. PCCY is approved by the state to receive EITC funds for its Picasso Project, an innovative arts education initiative for at-risk students in the Philadelphia public schools that have had their arts and music programs decimated due to budget cuts. In 2014, 3,500 students attending 14 charter and traditional public schools engaged in art, music, dance and theater through the Picasso Project. With EITC funding, PCCY’s goal is to at least double the number Picasso Project schools and students. For more information about the EITC, contact PCCY’s Development Director, Molly Dougherty at or 215-563-5848 x20


Do you have time to enrich a student’s life and improve the climate at a school? Each year we look for many volunteers- we have leveraged 12,000 hours of volunteer time since 2002.

Interns help with every aspect of our program year-round or on a semester basis, full or part time.

Picasso Project Committee Members help with outreach, fundraising, coordination and advocacy year-round.

Picasso Project Liaisons serve as hands-on volunteers, giving bi-weekly support at Picasso Project schools during the spring.

Review Committee Members give a 10-hour block of time to review and choose applications yearly.

Advocates support PCCY and Picasso Project – led efforts to appeal to decision-makers and support public education and the arts in schools.

Please contact us if you want to get involved.

Tim Gibbon
Picasso Project Director
215-563-5848 x22