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El Proyecto de Ley 27 del Senado y el Comité de Educación del Senado para la Reforma de la Carta Cibernética - Resumen ejecutivo

Senate Bill 27 and Cyber Charter Reform Senate Education Committee

Executive Summary

Cyber tuition costs have spiraled out of control putting pressure on property taxes in school districts across the state, including the districts represented by the 11 members of the Senate Education Committee.

For the Committee:

  • Payments to cyber charters rose by $120 million this year. That’s larger than the total increase in Basic Education Funding for the 2018-19 school year.
  • These rising payments inevitably intensify pressure on property taxes that could increase by over 8% for some Committee members to offset the cost.
  • Cyber enrollment grew by over 6,300 students this year or more students than total K-12 enrollment in 90% of Pennsylvania’s 500 school districts.

See the attached document for additional details.