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PCCY currently has the following (3) position open


Position Title: Behavioral Health Policy Coordinator


Position Summary

The Behavioral Health Policy Coordinator is a dynamic, seasoned and innovative leader. This position will help build and advance PCCY’s ability to increase child wellness in Philadelphia, particularly for children of color, through extensive collaboration and critical and substantial system change. The Behavioral Health Policy Coordinator will take the lead on building a highly functioning and smoothly operating system for children to gain easy access to quality behavioral health care in their public schools.

Key Duties:

Program Management

  • Oversee and direct all aspects of PCCY’s school-based behavioral health and alternate method of qualifying children for care initiatives.
  • Identify best practices in 21 high need schools that have outreach and referral teams to connect students to services (STEP programs) and advocate for their replication in 20 additional high needs schools and to the extent other school models are highly functioning identify those best practices.
  • Convene partners to consider how to apply lessons learned in the school-based behavioral health care system and conduct further research to plan and execute the creation of an infrastructure/system that utilizes an alternative method of qualifying students for mental health services in traditional outpatient settings.

 Outreach & Communications

  • Take the lead in identifying and recruiting stakeholders for two cross-sector, public-private work groups: 1) the School-Based Behavioral Health work group comprised of district leadership, contracted MH agency staff, teachers, principals, parents, students, CBH and child advocates, and 2) Early Behavioral Health Care work group comprised of staff from the Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health, CBH, state Medicaid administrators, parents, youth and staff at private behavioral health and primary care agencies, childcare staff and representatives from the school work group.
  • Regularly convene and facilitate the two work groups.
  • Build relationships and regularly engage with key staff in the school-based STEP programs and an additional 20 high needs schools and any other school-based models’ leaders where access to services is showing promise.
  • Oversee the design, development and implementation of an on-going communications plan to raise awareness about school-based services and access to early care for children with low-level behavioral health issues targeting school staff, parents, primary care providers, child care providers and other child-serving organizations.


  • Conduct research on an alternative method for qualifying children for services by studying the outcomes of the School-Based Behavioral Health program and similar initiatives in other cities or states and by talking with mental health and Medicaid experts to identify best practices and pitfalls – with sensitivity to not over-identify children of color and children from low-income families.
  • Write up our findings on alternative qualifying methods and publish a policy brief making the case. Document practices and outcomes in 21 high need schools that have outreach and referral teams to connect students to services and identify best practices and advocate for their replication.


  • Guide the School-Based Behavioral Health work group to develop metrics for an evaluation tool to monitor school-based referrals, access, user satisfaction and quality – including referrals for students without diagnoses.
  • Guide the Early Behavioral Health Care work group to create an evaluation tool to measure and monitor referrals, utilization and child outcomes for children with low-level behavioral health issues who qualify for care by an alternate method.
  • Other responsibilities as required.

Qualifications, Education, Experience & Skills:

  • Master’s degree in social work, public administration, public health, education or related fields.
  • Five plus years’ experience managing complex policy and organizational change efforts with strong project management skills.
  • Deep familiarity with city, state and federal resources and policies in the areas of health insurance, behavioral health care and public schools.
  • Understanding of financial management and organizational structure of public agencies and the non-profit sector.
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills.
  • Experience convening groups and ability to work with a diverse set of stakeholders, both internal and external.
  • Experience with program and system evaluation .
  • Strong interpersonal relationship skills; ability to be a great team member and to work independently as appropriate.
  • Values and encourages diversity of thought, background, and perspective.
  • Tech savvy with experience and fluency in office software programs.

Reports To: Health Policy Director

Salary: This is a 3-year grant funded position (potentially renewable) and pays $75,000 plus benefits. Candidates who prefer to do this work as a consultant/private contractor are also welcomed to apply.  

Apply: Resume and cover letter to

Position Title: Early Childhood Education Elections Coordinator


Position Summary

We are seeking an experienced leader who will train and support early childhood sector stakeholders so that they can support and pressure candidates for state elected offices to speak to the need for greater access to affordable high-quality child-care and Pre-K as they campaign.


  • Create training materials and conduct trainings that are tailored to meet the schedules and experience level of early learning stakeholders statewide. To the extent that trainings can be held in-person, offer the trainings and rely on via webinar or zoom sessions for the balance of the trainings.
  • Provide ongoing support to local stakeholders create useful profiles and networks of influence for candidate so early learning stakeholders can mobilize others in their community to amplify the Start Strong PA and Pre-K for Pa election season messages.
  • Track candidate activity and support early learning stakeholders to engage with public and networking events orchestrated by the candidate, supporters of the candidates or those organized by civic and business organizations.
  • Advise the Start Strong PA and Pre-K for Pa campaigns on campaign visibility materials and manage the dissemination of any items purchased to increase the visibility of the campaigns during the election seasons.
  • Work with the campaign media consultants to draft memos for reporters/editors to help ensure that early learning issues are covered as part of the election reporting and similarly construct memos for the League of Women Voters or other candidate and public information channels used as part of the local election infrastructure.
  • Help local stakeholders design feasible local events communities where there are contested races for state office that will persuade candidates to speak to the need to increase state funding for high quality infant-toddler and Pre-K services.
  • Track, for both campaigns, candidate statements on campaign issues and state funding for expansion of these services so that campaign leadership and local stakeholders are knowledgeable of candidate positions throughout the election cycle.
  • Participate on the Communications, Mobilization and Grasstop Committees of both campaigns.
  • Provide a tracking tool for both campaigns that can provide the leadership of the campaign useful data on the impact of the election coordinator position and stakeholder engagement in the activities supported by the election coordinator.
  • To the extent possible attend local events organized to support candidate engagement and/or inform the Governing Committee members of the campaigns of these events so that they can be present.
  • Work with communications contractors to draft flyers, commentaries and materials needed to persuade candidates to be champions of early learning.

Qualifications, Education, Experience & Skills:

  • A passion for supporting the engagement of early learning sectors, allied stakeholders and parents as they engage in educating candidates and increasing the pressure on candidates to publicly state they will fight for more resources for affordable, high quality early learning services.
  • Experience working with state-elected officials either as legislative or executive branch staff or as an advocate with a positive track record of impact.
  • Knowledge of the processes that candidates use to run for state office and how to influence the election narrative.
  • Experience connecting stakeholders to the election cycle.
  • Highly organized and able to multi-task.
  • Strong verbal communication skills, positive and patient approach as a trainer and clear written communication skills.
  • Knowledge of the key policy challenges in the early learning sector preferred but not required.
  • Ability to use Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint.
  • Facility with Facebook, Twitter and lnstagram.

Other Duties:

  • Attend all PCCY staff meetings and participate in special events as needed.
  • Attend all in person meetings of the two statewide campaigns (typically three times a year in Harrisburg).

Reports To: Executive Director

Apply: Resume and cover letter to

Position Title: Part-Time Bi-Lingual (Spanish/English) Journalism Fellow / Montgomery County, Pennsylvania


Position Summary

PCCY is seeking an experienced journalist with an existing portfolio of insightful articles that present how public policies shape people’s lives. The Journalism Fellow will canvass the community collecting real-life stories to expose failings in public safety nets, education, and other public systems intended to create greater economic opportunity. The focus is on families of color in Norristown and Pottstown.

The Fellow is part of PCCY’s launch of Dis/parities, a new reporting initiative designed to illuminate the lives of parents and children of color living in Norristown and Pottstown, Pennsylvania.  Partners include the Urban League of Philadelphia and ACLAMO (Accion Comunal Latinoamericana de Montgomery County/or the Latin American Community Action of Montgomery County).

The Fellow must be a dynamic, self-motivated individual who can write and produce accurate, informative, and relevant community reporting and engage four residents as Community Liaisons. The ideal candidate will have a history of creating networks and building relationships to develop leads and contextualize news reporting. The position also requires social media acumen.

Job Responsibilities 

  • Based on data from the government and local sources, develop a 12-month reporting calendar that enables the production of 20 in-depth features/stories in each community (10 stories per community).
  • Identify stories that expose shortcomings in the safety net, education, and other public support systems intended to support children that are currently failing Black and Hispanic children in Pottstown and Norristown.
  • Work with PCCY to optimize distribution channels for the stories.
  • Build a network of community leaders and constituents among the Black and Hispanic populations of Norristown and Pottstown who can help identify and generate compelling stories.
  • Assist in cultivating media relationships with news outlets who will carry news produced by Dis/parities.
  • Identify, with our partners in these communities, two residents of each city to operate as eyes, ears and touchstones, who will serve as Community Liaisons and help supply context and background for the stories you will write.
  • Offer informal journalism training on topics such as: the basics of good reporting, how to create a strong news story outline, methods of interviewing sources, and how to get to the final editing stage.


  • Have a robust publishing track record and be able to write short-form and long-form news accounts as well as features.
  • Experience as an editor or experience editing is a plus.
  • Social-media savvy is also a plus, demonstrated by a strong social media presence or penetration of reporting.
  • Have a track record of meeting deadlines and being highly organized.
  • Access to a car and a valid PA Driver’s License. Be able to work unconventional hours; this position requires evening and weekend events outside the “9 to 5” window.
  • Possess a passion for being well-informed about events, relationships, and community trends in the region.
  • Able to build trusting relationships with racially, ethnically, and socioeconomically diverse communities.
  • Outgoing, easy to work with personality.
  • Strong bi-lingual Spanish/English skills.

Reports To:  Executive Director

Salary:          This part-time position (30 hours per week) pays $35,000

Benefits:      Health insurance for employee and children

Apply:           Send resume and cover letter to


PCCY interns gain knowledge and experience in child advocacy and public policy. Interns participate in all aspects of PCCY’s work including attending rallies, conducting research on children’s issues and creating materials to support PCCY’s mission of providing better lives and life chances for children in southeastern Pennsylvania.  For more information, contact:

  • Early Childhood Policy and Advocacy Internship: nelidas at
  • Education Policy Internship: tomeas at
  • Picasso Project Internship: timg at
  • General information: info at