Now That You Know

This summer, elected officials cut millions of dollars from valuable state programs that serve children and youth. Education, health care, child care, food and nutrition and job training are just some of the services that will be affected.

There are times when elected officials don’t realize the impact their decisions have on real people. If they did, hopefully they would make better decisions!  Help our legislators understand the impact of their budget decisions by telling your story.

It’s easy: record your answers to a few simple questions on a webcam or smart phone and send the video to PCCY using the form below and we’ll make sure elected officials see them. Together we’ll press them to do better next time.

Get Started NOW!  Fill out the information in the form below and upload your video.


Please answer these questions. (You may want to practice out loud or time yourself before recording.)

  • My name is ___________________ and I live in (community)___________.
  • When my state legislators voted to cut millions of dollars from children and youth, they didn’t know that … ( be as specific as possible about how the cuts impact you, your family or community)
  • Now that my legislators know what the cuts mean, I hope they will …

Please keep your answers to a minute or less. Use concrete examples to illustrate your point and feel free to use signs or other props.  Be yourself.  Express your feelings, but keep the tone respectful.

If you’re unsure about using this technology and would like someone to talk you through it, call PCCY at 215-563-5848. If you’d prefer that we send a volunteer to video you and members of your group, let us know.

Thank you for participating in Now That You Know.