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Top 5 things about Trump’s Bully Budget

Like you, we believe in fighting for our kids because they can’t fight back. And in President Trump’s first budget, kids are primed to take a beating.

Make no mistake, these cuts go deep and will adversely affect every community and business in Pennsylvania. Some cuts never heal, and these will bleed the state for generations.

Here are five things you need to know about the Trump budget: 

1.    Tax Increases That Make it Harder to Raise Kids

There are almost as many Pennsylvanian’s who will see their taxes rise and household budgets pinched by the President’s cuts to the child tax credit as there are Americans earning more than $1.5 million. 

2.    Childhood Hunger Will Rise

Have you seen the Hunger Games? The President’s proposed 25% cut to the SNAP program means putting more than 600 kids in southeast PA at risk of hunger for every minute of that movie.

3.    Decreases funding for public schools

Two-thirds of schools in Pennsylvania could see their funds diverted to pay for private school vouchers.

4.    Puts College Degrees Out of Reach

The President’s proposed cuts to college work study and college grants will affect 30,000 students–more students than the combined enrollment of Penn State and the University of Pennsylvania.

5.    Puts the Health of Children at Risk

This is the big one: $800 billion cut to Medicaid.

There are enough kids on Medicaid and CHIP in southeast PA to fill every seat at the Phillies’ ball park TEN TIMES. 

A mass of 100,000 people crowded onto Philadelphia’s Ben Franklin Parkway the first night of NFL Draft – that’s around the number of children with Medicaid who received vaccinations to prevent communicable diseases in our region.

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Send PCCY’s statement on the Trump budget to your congressmen and senators.

PCCY’s Response to the Budget


“I think poverty to a large extent is also a state of mind.” Ben Carson, Secretary of Housing and Urban Affairs, and a neurosurgeon.





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“Taking $1.2 billion away from the children and robbing them blind. … Why would you do that? Everyone that is smart knows … that for every dollar you spend in an after-school program, you save $3-$6 down the line.” Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger