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PCCY Files Beverage Tax Amicus Brief in Support of Philadelphia’s Children

Cites expanded pre-K and improve quality of life for children in support of soda tax

Philadelphia, March 10, 2017 – Joining more than 17 organizations across the city on behalf of expanding pre-K services and improved quality of life for children in every Philadelphia neighborhood, Public Citizens for Children and Youth (PCCY) today filed an Amicus brief in support of the Philadelphia Beverage Tax.

The Beverage Tax (BPT), which went into effect in January and is already funding high-quality pre-K for more than 1,700 additional young children citywide, also will fund $300 in renovations for neighborhood rec centers, parks and libraries.  The BPT is the subject of a suit brought on behalf of the beverage industry and currently under appeal to the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court.

Here is the statement of Donna Cooper, Executive Director of PCCY, in connection with the filing of the Amicus brief:

“The Philadelphia Beverage Tax already is having a dramatic impact on the lives of children in our city.  It is funding high-quality pre-K services for more than 1,700 young children all across the city.  What’s more, revenues from the tax will allow the city to launch the critically-needed Rebuild Initiative, a $300 million program to renovate and repair rec centers, libraries and parks all across the city.  These are services that Philadelphia’s children desperately need, and at the same time, the tax is helping children and families get healthier by reducing their intake of sugar.

It is no surprise that the soda industry, which for decades has exploited poor people and children in our city and across the country for the sake of fatter profits, continues to oppose the tax.  But it is past time for Beverage Tax opponents to accept reality: The PBT is a win-win for our children and our neighborhoods, and it is the right choice for Philadelphia’s future.”

Here is an excerpt from the PCCY Amicus Brief:

“The City of Philadelphia’s children face daunting health and education problems. The PBT is a well-designed policy to address these problems. It provides the city with the means to give more children access to healthy spaces and activities, facilitate economic investments in their communities and increase the supply of high-quality preschool seats. The PBT ensures that the funds it generates are used to address its most pressing needs and most vulnerable residents. With this investment, the city not only improves the current health and educational outcomes of its children, it endows the City of Philadelphia the gift of a tremendous return on its economic investment – a healthier, better educated populace.”

Click here for a full copy of the Amicus Brief.


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