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Know who’s leading this Revolution?

If you’ve been procrastinating, time is almost up to join the revolution. Every year, PCCY’s annual celebration proves to be the social event for the sector with a veritable Who’s Who of educators, child advocates, lawmakers and mobilized parents. And let’s not forget the 2017 Public Citizens of the Year.

We deliberate carefully months ahead of every celebration to find the next Public Citizen of the Year. These are individuals or groups whose impact on children serve to change the game and help to set new priorities that help kids grow up healthy, ready to succeed, or reach their full potential. This year we are thrilled to celebrate this year’s honoree.

Since 2003, PNC has granted more than $121 million to programs that help young children prepare for success in school, reaching three million children across the U.S., including Pennsylvania.

We’re thrilled to award the 2017 Public Citizens of the Year to Jean Canfield, SVP of Client and Community Relations, and PNC Bank, whose employees have volunteered more than 650,000 hours and donated nearly one million items to classrooms. 

In addition to PNC, we’ll be recognizing our special guest Mayor Jim Kenney, whose energy and leadership has inspired amazing changes that will benefit the children of Philadelphia for generations. In addition to spearheading a significant increase in access to quality pre-k, the City’s landmark sweetened beverage tax (now being studied and emulated across the country and around the world) established new community schools and will rebuild libraries, parks and playgrounds.

Did you know Philly’s 99th Mayor has made 99 visits to schools and quality pre-k programs since taking office? Is it any wonder that he’s making his mark as the Education Mayor?

So won’t you join us in honoring PNC and thanking Mayor Kenney on Tuesday night, May 16, at the Museum of the American Revolution?

We’re filling tables through brisk ticket sales and reservations but we hope you can join us. If you would like to make sure we can accommodate you and your guests, just let us know you’re coming and we’ll hold spots for you and leave your name at the door.



If you’re reading this early enough on Friday (May 12), we highly recommend you heading over to South Philadelphia High School to catch their final, triumphant performance of the musical The Wiz!

Funded by PCCY’s Picasso Project, the musical marks SPHS’s second year as a grant recipient, which ended an ominous 10-year drought of crucial arts programming at the school.

Fourteen schools received Picasso grants of up to $5,000 this year, improving school climate and the quality of arts instruction at under-resourced schools, and inspiring students to new levels of success and self-confidence.


FINAL CALL! Don’t miss your chance to help improve the lives of kids AND have a great time after hours at the new and spectacular Museum of the American Revolution.



North Penn School District’s annual pension costs jumped from $6 million to almost $40 in just seven years.

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“I know from years of experience that we cannot simply arrest, prosecute and incarcerate our way out of our crime problems. High-quality pre-k is a key focal point of that strategy.” Cumberland County DA David Freed


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“The reality is there are about 149 winning districts, for lack of a better word, and about 352 losing districts.” Rep. Tom Quigley (R-146th), explaining that the vast majority of PA districts are losers due to school funding inequities..