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Why we give to PCCY

As we look forward to spending time next week with our families and loved ones, the PCCY team shares what they’re thinking about this Thanksgiving.

“I’m grateful for PCCY’s supporters who understand that change doesn’t just “happen” – it’s a result of lots of work, both visible and invisible. And for PCCY’s donors, big and small, who give money they could have spent on something else, because they act on their values.” Shawn Towey, Child Care Policy-Coordinator

“I am thankful for the reawakening of compassion in suburban counties.” Shirlee Howe, Education Coordinator, Montgomery and Delaware counties

“I’m thankful for the talented advocates and leaders who lend their voices (and all of their time) to improve the city for Philly’s children and young people. I am also thankful for my cats.” Michelle Payne, Child Welfare Fellow

“I’m thankful every day for the honor of working in a support role with/ for the most effective / impactful group of people working on behalf of children.  Unbelievable!” Judy Adamson, Controller

“I am thankful for the opportunity to serve on behalf of children and their right to live healthy and productive lives./ Estoy agradecida por la oportunidad de servir de parte de niños y su derecho de vivir vidas saludables y productivas.” Nelida Sepulveda, Early Childhood Education Policy Director

“I’m thankful for the Philly students who I get to work with, whose creative spark give me hope for the future.” Tim Gibbon, Picasso Project Director

“I am thankful for those who have preceded me at PCCY. Their good reputations have provided me many opportunities to expand our work.” Bill Shoffler, Education Coordinator, Bucks County

“I am thankful many acts of generosity and support shown to PCCY and more importantly to people in times of pain, hardship and devastation in the world. Be thankful for the love!” Gail Smith, Office Manager/Bookkeeper

#GivingTuesday is great way to show your support of the work we do at PCCY. Please donate Tuesday, November 28, and help make a difference in the lives of children in our region.


“Community foundations make it possible for everyone to be a philanthropist, to have a real impact on issues of importance, and to engage the next generation in giving back thoughtfully.” Fran Sheehan, PCCY Board member and President of the Crozer-Keystone Community Foundation.



Coke and Pepsi have spent at least $107M in the U.S. to fight against soda taxes and beverage warning labels. But overseas, where soda taxes are now collected in 30 countries, the fights are “much dirtier, much more bare-knuckled.” 





Check out the hashtag #leadfreephilly on Twitter for highlights from Friday’s Philly Lead Summit. Help spread the word—we won’t stop until every child is safe from toxic lead. 

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“We should be asking: What is the impact of this bill on children? …Let’s say their parents lose coverage because of the repeal of the individual mandate. What the hell happens to a child in that instance? No one is asking that question.” Senator Bob Casey, speaking to the proposed repeal of the individual mandate in the Senate tax bill.