• Celebrate our 35th Anniversary on Tuesday, May 10, 2016 as we honor William George, President and CEO of Health Partners Plans

  • We help to expand the affordability, quality and accessibility of early childhood learning.

  • We work to improve access to health care services and advocate for increased investment in child health programs.

  • We advocate for quality public education through promoting equitable school funding, excellent school climate, and the arts.

  • We advocate for children and families to ensure that they have access to basic supports to help make ends meet.

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  1. Picasso Project @PCCYarts grant recipients South Philly High give an encore performance of music from #Dreamgirls. https://t.co/f7ruUHMkSP

  2. Fitler students wow the crowd with a breakdancing set! @PCCYarts #phled https://t.co/yIeCtYfQZx

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